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Fluorescence Wavelength Pressure Calculator
Written by James Badro

This Java applet calculates the pressure according to the shift of calibrated fluorescence lines.
Only Al2O3:Cr3+ (Ruby !) and SrB4O7:Sm2+ are supported.
This program uses approximate equations for the temperature dependance of the ruby fluorescence line. It is only valid below 400 K. For higher temperature measurements, use the other applet.
The hydrostatic (7.665 power law) and non-hydrostatic (5.0 power law) ruby scales are both implemented.
The pressure dependance of the ruby scale is from Mao et al.
The pressure dependance of the SrB4O7:Sm2+ scale is from Loubeyre et al.
Use this program at your convenience, and at your own risk

Copyright © 2013 James Badro